Our team is dedicated to inspiring people through experiential tools of self-knowledge to feel the freedom to expressing their true nature. This is done by facilitating workshops, one-on-one sessions and soon by producing social media content.


In addition to Paramita, Marcus and Nitya, there are also other facilitators who work with Yeshe in Brazil and in different parts of the world that will be introduced to you at another time.


We hope to meet you soon!


He began his quest for self-awareness 28 years ago, even before becoming a psychologist. Studied and underwent many lines of psychotherapeutic knowledge and experience, from the psychoanalysis to the ancient wisdom of India.


Music is a great ally of Marcus: he writes songs, plays guitar and sings since he was a boy. And within self-awareness workshops, he has a unique sensitivity for choosing the right music that leads people to the emotional and mental states needed for the transformation experience.


In 2004 he started to receive patients in his office as a clinical psychologist, in 2007 he became a facilitator of the self-knowledge work that led to the recently launched School of Self-Knowledge -Yeshe. From 2007 until today, he has facilitated workshops in Brazil, Argentina, United States, Europe and India. Today, he is entirely dedicated to Yeshe, because diving into himself for evolution and helping people do the same is his great passion and mission in life.

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Born in the Netherlands and living in Brazil for almost 10 years. Graduated from law school and worked in the corporate world at Red Bull for 5 years. He began his journey on the path of self-inquiry 14 years ago.


He loves to study and use the contact with the body as a profound tool for self-development and as a path to joy and deepening into life. In this sense, he graduated as a facilitator in Pulsation in 2010 and was trained in the line of Tantra from 2009 to 2012.


Later, he got in touch with the fine art of studying himself through the self-knowledge process, in which he has been working for over 10 years, through facilitating workshops in Brazil, India, the USA and Europe.


Bringing together two unique tools: Understanding the Human Mind and Feeling the Feelings is not only a passion, but it has also become a way of life.


Paramita, the founder of the Yeshe – School of Self-Knowledge is a psychologist who began her search for  transformation 25 years ago and acquired a passion for understanding the mind and human behavior.
Those who know her well know how thrilled she is when she sees someone develop and gain a more in-depth understanding of their own self.
She has also visited India more than 20 times where she studied with different teachers and masters, took a number of courses and came into contact with various lines of thought on the path to self-knowledge.
This trajectory has allowed her to develop a methodology of self-knowledge which has been used since 2005 and has already helped many people in Brazil, Argentina, Europe and the US to discover themselves.
The recent founding of the Yeshe School is an important step in her aim to inspire people in their path towards a happier life.