Raising consciousness and transformation, integrating 3 main areas: work, money and your essential, unique qualities.




This is a self-development method that is held in a really practical way and includes enjoyable activities - drawing, music and guided meditation. 

It is like a self-portrait which aims to raise an integrated diagnosis, considering you not only as a professional but also as a person.


This expanded perspective will enable you to create a finely-tuned action plan that will give you guidance and clarity on where to focus your efforts in order to achieve those highly desired professional or personal projects.


Topics covered

  • Investigate your relationship with work, money and your essential, unique qualities.

  • Get to know yourself in a fuller way, understanding the impact of  your life story on the transformation you want to achieve.

  • Action plan to give you guidance and clarity on where to focus your energy to sustain the desired change.


Practical Points

  • The work can occur in individual or group sessions and lasts from 8 to 10 meetings.

  • You can begin doing the ONLINE Coaching at anytime and anywhere! But if you prefer to do this in PERSON, we have facilities in São Paulo. 

  • Languages – Portuguese and English.


I have done “coaching” on other occasions and I think this method is differentiated. While simple, it is also in-depth. Through the drawings, we can raise information and make a diagnosis that leads us to understand the action plan to achieve our aims. I believe our conscious self liberates the most hidden part of the subconscious, thereby facilitating understanding. I loved it!


It was a process that brought a 360º view of the point raised. We managed to work on issues that I had never seen in such a clear and transparent way before. It certainly added points of reflection that were extremely valuable in terms of my self-knowledge